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Sometimes travelling alone in pursuit of fish can be greatly satisfying. Other times, one wishes he had gone through an organized trip from A to Z. It is not always easy to fish new waters, even less travel remote areas. Fishing travels companies come in handy when a do-it-yourself trip becomes a logistical nightmare more than an exciting adventure. I know of two companies which have showed me their professionalism in the area: Fly Water Travel and Getaway Tours.

Fly Water Travel logoI first met Ken Morrish in an orange MI-8 helicopter in Kamchatka, bound for the north-west steelhead rivers. He made a great impression on me, was very friendly, and integrated me in his group of American customers. During our two week together, he also showed me he could fish and tie flies! Kenny is the founder of Fly Water Travel, based in Ashland, Oregon. Along with his colleagues Rachel and Brian, he dispatches great advice, and tailors trips to your desires. Also, Fly Water Travel’s catalog is a masterpiece year after year! I strongly suggest anyone in search of the ultimate fishing adventure, to contact these guys, they do a great job, and have so much field experience together.

Getaway Tours logoIf you live in Europe rather than America, then maybe it is worth looking for a nearer travel agent. I have found such an agent, and a good one, in Scandinavia! I first acquainted with GetAway Tours when I travelled to Canada in pursue of large arctic char. The trip was a great success. Kim Jørgensen was tour leader on that trip, and made everything possible so that it became memorable. GetAway Tours is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but offices have opened in Norway and Sweden as well. Its founder, Thomas Søbirk, has a lot of experience in the field, has fished most waters of the world (with preference for saltwater destinations), and founded the fishing magazine Fiske-Feber. They also have a great catalog; I was even lucky to be featured on the front page of the 2009 edition (PDF, 250KB) !