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Varzina article - Fiske-FeberMy very first article was published in Fiskeavisen, a Danish fishing magazine, back in 2002. “Kamchatkas Steelheads” (PDF 1.3MB) describes my trip to this far-east Russian peninsula, and more especially the two weeks I spent with the Kamchatka Steelhead Project (KSP, set up by the Wild Salmon Center), chasing large steelhead. It is there I got to meet Ken Morrish, Ed Ward and Mika Vainio. The article came out in the February 2002 issue, and is written in Danish.

My second article was published in Fiske-Feber, another fishing magazine from Denmark. The article came out in the spring 2008 issue. “Varzinas laks og storørreder” (PDF, 3MB) is written in Danish as well, and relates my adventure on the beautiful Varzina river on the Kola Peninsula, in Russia. I met two very skilled anglers on that trip, Janne Nyblom and Mika Manninen.

header_intruder_article_fiske_feberMy third article came out in the finnish magazine Chasing Silver Fly-Fishing Magazine. It came out in August 2009. “Arctic Pilgrimage in Nunavut” (PDF, 1.2MB) is written in English, and describes the fantastic journey we had with a group of danish and icelandic anglers, in quest of large arctic char. I was lucky to meet Kim Jørgensen on that trip, and to land a potential world record arctic char (PDF, 750KB). The same article was published by the Canadian magazine Fly Fusion: “Arctic Pilgrimage” (PDF, 1.6MB), in November 2011.

My fourth article was published in Fiske-Feber again, and describes the Intruder, a very effective fly for anadromous fish such as the steelhead or the arctic char. “Intruder – en amerikansk storfanger” (PDF, 1.1MB) was published in the end of 2009, and contains a detailed description of the different steps involved in tying this complex fly. The same article was translated into finnish and published by Pohjolan Perhokalastaja, a finnish fly-fishing magazine led by energetic Henri Sirola. The title of the article in finnish sounds like this: “Kunika sitoa Intruder?” (PDF, 1MB).

My fifth article is a short essay about my trip to Nunavut in quest of arctic char. It appeared in the Drake Magazine, a great American publication led by Tom Bie, in the spring/summer issue of 2010. The essay is named “Arctic Dreams” (PDF, 350KB).

The french magazine Voyages de Pêche published my story about striper fishing in New-England, in April 2011: “Sur les traces de Jack Gartside en Nouvelle-Angleterre” (PDF, 1MB). The article was also translated in spanish and published in the magazine Trofeo Pesca Mar: “Tras los pasos de Jack Gartside” (PDF, 800KB). It was also publsihed in danish, in Sportsfiskeren: “Striperjagt: i Jack Gartsides fodspor”, (PDF, 6.4MB).

I wrote an article about my 2011 spring steelhead trip to Skeena country, with the Skeena River Lodge, in Voyages de Pêche: “Steelheading de printemps sur la Kitimat” (PDF, 930KB), and in Chasing Silver Fly-Fishing Magazine: “BC spring steel” (PDF, 1.15MB).

Politiken - 20 Oct 2001 - MauMauArticle written about my flies

I was lucky to wina fly-tying contest set up by Fiskeavisen and the Salmon Fly fly-shop in Copenhagen, in 1999. I sent in my pike fly called “Hvide Kanin”, (PDF, 450KB) (White Rabbit).

One year later I also sent a pike fly to the same competition, but unfortunately it did not win. The fly I sent in was called “Store Snude”, (PDF, 500KB) (literally Big Snout). It is a fly designed for pikes, but inspired from tarpon flies

Jan Grünwald, the famous Danish trout and salmon fisherman, who regularly writes for one of the biggest Danish newspapers, called Politiken, wrote about the sea-trout fly called “Mau Mau” I designed some in the late ’90s. The article (PDF, 400KB) appeared in October 2001.