Other appearances

Ken Morrish wrote a neat article in Fly Fisherman’s April 2017 issue, describing our common adventure chasing King Salmon in the southern hemisphere (PDF, 880KB), namely in Chile. Ken’s photos are worth a glance! Another fine article about that adventure appeared in Travelling Angler (PDF, 2.2MB).

Fly fishing in salt magazineDuring my latest trip to Boston in May 2010, I was lucky enough to land a 37 inch striped bass, estimated at 18 pounds. It was the excellent guide Dave Skok who put me into that fish. He is also a talented photograph, and his photo of the fish (PDF, 160KB) appeared in the July/August 2010 issue of Fly-Fishing in Salt Waters magazine.

The potential world record arctic char (PDF, 750KB) I landed in Nunavut in July 2008 was described in a one-side article which appeared in the fall 2008 issue of Fiske-Feber. The article was written by Kim Jørgensen, and the picture taken by Allan Kofoed.

Fiske-Feber magazineThe first page of GetAway Tours‘ 2009 catalogue features the second largest arctic char (PDF, 300KB) I caught in Nunavut in 2008. The picture is taken by my Icelandic friend Leibbi, with my camera. The same picture also appeared in Fiske-Feber’s April 2010 issue, as an advertisement for their Nunavut trip (PDF, 1.5MB). Same picture was used in Fiske-Feber’s first e-zine (PDF, 350KB) in November 2011.

I appeared in Fly Water Travel‘s 2004 catalogue, coming home riding over the toundra after a fantastic day of steelheading in Kamchatka. The picture (PDF, 200KB) was taken by Ken Morrish, founder of Fly Water Travel along with Brian Gies.

I also appeared riding on my trustful horse (PDF, 800KB), in Scott‘s 2003 catalogue. Photo credits go to Ken Morrish as well.It’s me holding the long Spey rod on the left, Genghis Khan style.

Finally, Ken Morrish took a picture of me casting in the currents of the Snatolvayan River in Kamchatka (PDF, 150KB). It appeared in Fly Fisherman‘s 2007 calendar, on the December month page.