Film review: A backyard in nowhere, by Peter Christensen and Mathis Eskjær

A Backyard In Nowhere - coverInnoko River. Deep in the Alaskan backcountry. Lots of water. Lots of mud. No roads. Lots of large pikes. Flashy flies. Moose hunting. A few natives, drunk or not. Four European fly-fishing adventurers. Throw a bunch of rednecks in the mixer, and you get the story of the movie “A Backyard in Nowhere” – the first fly-fishing western ever!

This is truly a fly-fishing movie exposing our common passion in a radically different angle, and it is deeply refreshing for the spectator! The pictures are stunning, the narrator’s voice is legendary (where did the producers find this guy???), and the storyline is surprising. It is not about showing off the largest pikes, or the most catches, it includes all interesting details that revolve around the fishing itself, which is often skipped by traditional fishing movies. In “A Backyard in Nowhere”, you get it all: the good times, the lost fish, the bleeding hand from a careless fisherman releasing his catch, the confrontation between the locals and the American outfitters who think they know better, the depressing times after several rainy days in a row, fly-tying on the shore, an improvised baptism diluted in whisky, gutting a large bull moose…

Massive pike from the Innoko RiverIt is the first DVD that the danish duo Peter Christensen and Mathis Eskjær have commercialized, and we must all admit that it is an astounding result for a premiere! Hats down to you guys, and we are eagerly waiting for your next piece!

So you know what you need to do next: get your own copy of the movie!